Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Metaphors galore!

What if you realize that who you thought to be your best friend turns out to be a foe in disguise?
Especially when you trust that friend with the two of your best faculties?
What if that friend was not meant to be?
What if we conveniently misunderstood the behavior pattern because it suited our moods, likes and sensibilities?
What if the misunderstood friend was meant to be a tool?
If used well, could aide in our well-being and if misused, could harm us in every possible way.
Can you guess, who am I talking about? I’m talking about our very own “Tongue”.

There’s an interesting yet slimy metaphor attached.
Our tongue resembles the slimy snake.
One of the most visible & well known characteristics of a snake is it does not respond unless you tinker with it.

Our tongue caters to two of our most important faculties’ viz., “Brain”, which controls our emotional state and “Stomach”, which invariably feeds our entire system.
1) Words that cater as an outlet to our brain and its thoughts &
2) The taste buds which cater to our stomach.

The positive inference of the Snake’s characteristic could well be used for our “Tongue”.

For the “Brain”: We talk only when asked to and not because a thought bubble burst somewhere.
Let alone the “think twice” or any other logic before but just by exercising the above, more than half our troubles would be gone.

For the “Stomach”: We eat and drink only when and how much the body asks for and what it asks for. Not what the tongue craves for and to satiate the other craving of that to display our purchasing power. Yet again most of our ailments and physical problems would disappear.

There are applications of our knowledge lurking behind many such analogies and metaphors.
If only we check our minds for the quality of our thoughts as frequently as we check our handheld devices for “Facebook” and “WhatsApp” updates.

Sunday, December 11, 2016


If poetry is a free flowing stream of expressions
Rivers would be flooded with confessions & questions

Tumbling away over the pebbles
Carving a new path and letting away a few bubbles

Carefree splish-splash sprinkling along the way
Enhancing a Friday or ruining a Monday

Unrestricted by tributaries or canals
Or washed residue of mortal sins

Into the ocean, one day, this river will flow
But not without making its own rainbow

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Plight of Humanity!

There's ego disguised as pride
Envy disguised as competition

Mistrust disguised as Administration
Authoritative POWER disguised as Hierarchy

Surprise Surprise, Humans can co-exist
& rather motivate each other to excel

But end up pulling each other down
For the false sense of being 'On-Top'

Hence, neither the person nor his thoughts
Are valued when they're alive

Can't help but laugh
At the plight of humanity

They all become priceless
Only when they're gone

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Before we end up in DUST!

Why is the destination overrated?
Why is the journey underrated?

Why is the origin important?
Identity a necessary endorsement?

What if we focus on learning en route
& Spreading cheer in our life commute

Not fussing over 'Arriving' & definite goals
By always 'judging' and trading our souls

Opinions are personal
Sharing is strictly optional

Society is but a tool
Not collective mindsets to mock and fool

We've the potential to float above
And the capability to simply love

May not be simple but expand, we MUST
Before we all end up in DUST!

Monday, November 7, 2016

STRANGE but True!

Info free-flowing; Possibilities galore
Life’s a mix; Why not explore
Blend in Irish cream or have it on the rocks
But why judge; from within a box

We’re delivered sans user manual
To ‘Make it Large’ not ‘Make that two’ as usual
Possess the freedom to float and fly
Why make rules and expect to comply?

Centuries and millennia of complex cages
Let’s begin to unlock, maybe in stages
One may ask, “But where’s the key”
Voila! It’s in our custody

Impressed upon us – ‘seeing is believing’
Facts and evidence – better be compelling
Ironically enough, when you tap within
You first ‘believe’ then ‘Make it happen’


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Deep within

Pleasant requests with a smile
Is supposed to take you miles

While, on one hand, we strive to be simple and humble
People expect you to throw your weight and make them fumble

With current observations, one can tell
Neither are you important nor  is the matter critical, if you don't create a scene and yell.

It takes enormous efforts to simply be
Let your guard down, Unmask and live free

The motto of 'Live and let live'
Is now morphed and switched modes to being competitive and combative

Expecting others to understand, accommodate or change
Will be equally reciprocated in exchange

Adapt, move on or simply chin up and grin
In an environment so fragile,   answers lie only deep within

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Don't Settle - Keep RISING

Rules and Laws are contextual
Hence by nature, not perpetual
Don’t settle; keep evolving

Society and rituals are founded on fear
Expectation to comply and to adhere
Don’t settle; keep challenging

“Settle” some do, too early for too little
Some die proving their mettle
Don’t fall for the trap, keep moving

For we are born to explore
To defy ourselves and reach out for more
Don’t settle; keep looking

Possibilities are infinite
Knowledge and Experience, finite
Don’t settle; keep growing

Upgrade, be a better version
Don’t settle; keep RISING